(If you haven’t listened to the June 30 call yet, start by listening first, then come back to this page and the training video.  The link to the audiofile is below )

Are you a ninja yet? If not, CLICK HERE!

The video is pretty self explanatory this week. If you want to check out Tweet Adder, the application I’m using in this tutorial,CLICK THIS LINK!

Top Social Media Stories of the week (as heard on the call), from mashable.com

Google Launches Google+ To Battle Facebook [PICS]

PayPal Predicts The End of the Wallet By 2015

The Social Media Revolution in Remarkable Facts & Figures [VIDEO]

Comments?  Questions?  Suggestions?  Lets see your comments below.

One Response to “June 30, 2011 Call – Unveiling the Mystery of Twitter!”

  1. Aileen July 1, 2011 at 1:35 pm #

    engaging… thanks… took notes… now will do my homework on the modules you set up.