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At the time of this writing, I have just over 2700 friends on Facebook, a few thousand Twitter followers (on various accounts), and a few hundred subscribers to my blogs and websites.  If I had to connect with certain groups of those people individually, it would take me forever.  Thankfully, that’s where Facebook friend lists come in.  Facebook friend lists allow you to organize people in logical ways, so when you need to go back and reference them, it’s easy!

We have developed some great ways to use friend lists “in the field”, most of which I’ll share in the screen capture video.  But the one I really like to use the most is when we go to a networking event.  Here’s the scenario:

  1. Collect business cards and chat with people at the networking event.  Remember not to “verbal vomit” everything there is to know about your company.
  2. Go home with stack of business cards, and sit at your computer.
  3. Make a friend list on Facebook, and name the list the name or the title of the event you just went to.  Just make it easy to remember and reference in the future.
  4. Go through the business cards, and search for people’s email addresses (first, more reliable) and names (second, less reliable; there may be many people named the same thing) and friend them on Facebook.  While you’re friending them, drop them a little note, tell them where/when you met, and use the pulldown menu to add them to the networking event list you just created.
  5. Now, as time goes by, you’ll see them pop up in your Facebook chat, and be reminded to follow up with them.  Remember, the fortune is in the follow up!

Lets make us some friend lists now!

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One Response to “June 16, 2011 Call – How to MASTER Facebook Lists to Grow your Network Marketing Business”

  1. penny June 18, 2011 at 12:49 am #

    GREAT video! i’m about to create my first list in preparation for my networking event tomorrow! thx!