Hi Everyone! I’m really excited to be able to connect with my AWESOME Thursday Call Participants! (Or…soon to be Thursday Call Participants…)

Thank you so much for being on the call! To give a little background on me, I’ve been in web design, development, and marketing for over 16 years. When I joined Isagenix in August 2009, I too was tired of the “rat race” and decided that Isagenix was the PERFECT network marketing company for me to join. Within 2 weeks, I’d enrolled my first 13 people (via Facebook) and knew that it was a great choice that I’d made. After enrolling over 30 people in my first few months via Social Media, I knew that I was onto something!

As it turns out, Isagenix noticed too. In January 2010, Isagenix approached me to see if I’d be willing to train the rest of “the field” in the methods I’d been using on Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging. I jumped at the chance, and brought my friend Kenyon Salo along. Together with Kevin Gawthrope (from Isagenix Corporate) we formed the Isagenix Social Media Road Show. We traveled all over North America for 6 months, and culminated our training at Celebration 2010 in San Diego. We had trained thousands of Isagenix associates. Our course was a full day (8 hours) and was based on the training that was working for me and my team. After Celebration, I knew that there were a lot more people that we didn’t get to see with the SMRS, so I decided to develop an online course containing the same materials and methods. The beauty of the online training was, you could take the course online, at your own pace, and repeat any chapter you want, as many times as you want!


(Don’t worry…we’ll wait right here. Just close the sample chapter window when you’re finished)

I worked for 4 months putting this course together. I spent about 200 hours developing it, not including the time we trained on stage. It’s 30+ chapters, over 3 hours of video, and over 10,000 words! Don’t worry if that sounds overwhelming…it’s not. It’s very easily digested, and will allow you to start implementing techniques today that will help your Isagenix business grow. I initially launched the course for $97, and it absolutely exploded! I’m happy to report that the top leaders and earners in Isagenix have taken the course and given it rave reviews! People like Lenny Evans, Andrea Henckart, Warren Lance, and George Ruiz! (All Isa Millionaires)

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(I also have a special deal for $99 that comes with two personalized 30 minute training sessions, so if you’re interested in that, send me an email at its@boutsocial.com)

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I should note that I am NOT affiliated with Isagenix corporate in any way. (I’m an associate like you) If you have any questions about the training, please direct them to me directly.

THANK YOU! I’ll see you on the other side!

Isagenix Associate and Social Media Ninja, Michael O’Neal

PS, if you love the training, and you refer 4 people, you get a FREE one on one training session!