Learn the Hidden Secrets of Relationship-building with Social Media to Get Leads, Connect with Your Audience, and Make SALES!

If you’re like most Network Marketers or Solopreneurs, Social Media is an integral part of how we do business these days.  The problem is, the advice most people get from their companies is just flat out WRONG.  They make it easier to “share” their products, but leave out the part most critical to sales:  Relationships.  Instead of making it easier to “tell” people about their products, they should focus on building rapport with your audience, so that when you show them how much value you can give them, they’ll break down your door to get your product or service!

Your tour guide, Michael O'Neal

Your tour guide, Michael O’Neal

Hi! I’m Michael O’Neal, and I want to change the face of the Network Marketing and Solopreneur Industries. I think they get a bad rap because people don’t have the right instruction to truly market their business the right way. So, they think that constantly posting pictures of their products and telling people how good they are is the right way to do business. Unfortunately, business doesn’t work that way. When’s the last time you went to a networking event and someone walked up to you and just said “Hi, buy my product/service”, and you said “Ok, here’s my credit card”. It sounds strange, but it’s exactly what people do online.

The good news is, there’s a better way. Social Media Ninja Tactics 3.0

Social Media Ninja Tactics 3.0 Takes you, step by step through the process of building your network, establishing relationships, and strategically posting on all of the popular social media tools so that not only will your friends and family not be turned off by your business, they’ll be excited to join you! 

In this comprehensive online video course you’ll learn:

  • How to target and acquire the perfect leads for your business
  • How your Facebook “about” section can begin relationship-building
  • The #1 phrase that turns off potential clients and customers
  • How successful marketing on social media is just like a scene from “When Harry Met Sally”
  • How to use Twitter to gain 10-50 new leads per DAY
  • How to “be everywhere” at once
  • How to do a “300 way call” on Facebook
  • Why YouTube is your biggest asset, but you don’t know it
  • Why you should own your list, and how to grow it
  • How to drive traffic and get leads with Facebook ads
  • How all of the pieces of social media work together
  • How to handle all of your social media tools efficiently
  • So much more!

Take the course at your own pace, and watch each chapter over and over until you have the concepts down pat!

This course is guaranteed to improve your business,
whether you’re a seasoned pro,
or brand new to your industry!

Remember, here’s what you get:

  • 15 Chapters of Comprehensive Video Training that you can use TODAY to increase sales
  • Proven methods of relationship-building
  • The ability to “tell your story” online
  • The tools to master establishing rapport, even with total strangers, online!
  • The chance to learn from anywhere, even with mobile devices
  • 24/7 Access to our monitored Facebook Page for Questions and Answers from Michael
  • A ROCKING Business, guaranteed

“Ninjas in training” get edification and shout-outs when they do something right!


Learn from one of the best in the network marketing world how to use social media to connect with new customers, engage them so they listen to what you have to say, enroll them into your company, and fulfill their training needs. Become a master of the status message, learn when, why and how you should approach people on Facebook and Twitter, and find out what it means to be offensive and defensive using social media!

In this training, we’ll:

  • Introduce you to the current crop of social media tools.
  • Take what seems intimidating now, and make it easy.
  • Give you a step-by-step, easy to follow system of learning.
  • Not only show you the tools, but explain why you should be using them.
  • Answer any questions you might have regarding the usage of social media.
  • Add more people to your downline using tried and true social media techniques.
  • Allow you better use of your time so you can focus on your business and gain more customers.
  • Have fun!

“If you have a chance to be around Michael’s training, you should do so, right away!” – Lenny E., Network Marketing Millionaire

This training has been evolving since 2010, and is now offered to you in an easy to use, easy to digest online training course. This training is worth hundreds of dollars, and will add members to your downline, and dollars to your pocket! For only 137 dollars (It’s a write-off at tax time!), you get  access to the member community!

  1. In part one, we’ll tackle becoming a Facebook master: Who, how and why to friend people.  Why your bio matters so much.  Using Facebook lists, groups, and how to adjust privacy settings the right way.  We’ll learn the art of the status message, and touch on Facebook Ads.

  2. Then we’ll move on to Twitter basics, then building your sales funnel with Twitter.

  3. We’ll then tackle YouTube, and how important it is for your business.

  4. Then, onto other social media tools like Instagram, Pinterest, and others.

  5. We’ll talk about your own website and blog, and why owning your own list is so important

  6. Finally, in chapter 15, we’ll show you how it all fits together!


Social Media Ninja Tactics 3.0 includes 15 Chapters of Video Training with action steps, and access to a private membership site for a year, which together retail for over $450.00! My friend Amy Porterfield said “$197” when I showed her the outline of the course, but I wasn’t sure about the price.  After thinking about it long and hard, I wanted to give the best value I could for my students, so I decided on only 137!, a savings of $313!  (For a limited time)


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“Michael’s Ninja Tactics course has shown me how to actually make money with my business using social media.  I wasn’t getting any new enrollments to my business, and I didn’t know I was doing it wrong! I was following the directions from my company. Now that I’ve taken the course, I’m regularly engaging with new people the right way and have already enrolled 4 people this month!”  – Loren H

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