Since 2008, its@boutsocial has been committed to helping entrepreneurs and businesses succeed in social media. The hybrid training of Social Media and Network Marketing launched a new paradigm shift in the world of network marketing.

Our Mission:

“Allowing network marketers and small businesses to reach the full potential of their businesses by embracing social media.”

Our Core Values:

Our core values guide our every decision and define our unique culture here at its@boutsocial.

1. Always deliver overwhelming value and outstanding service
2. Integrity, authenticity, and accountability are absolutely paramount
3. Pursue excellence through education and innovation
4. Foster a spirit of fun, family, and friendship
5. Live our lives with purpose and work passionately toward our goals

About Michael O’Neal…

Having endured the personal tragedy of both of his parents passing away within 7 months of each other, and emotionally and financially starting from scratch, Michael O’Neal authored the Social Media Roadshow, and trained hundreds of people with amazing results to their network marketing businesses.  Network marketing millionaires called it the “best training they’ve ever received.”

Prior to his foray into network marketing, which is his new career, Michael O’Neal had been developing and designing for the web since 1994, with hundreds of sites for Fortune 500 Companies and Small Businesses under his belt. A graduate of Temple University’s esteemed Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media department, he’s watched the web evolve into the community and social media powerhouse it is today. Helping businesses leverage their talent pool and grow exponentially has been a passion of his for 16 years in the business.